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Electrical Enclosures For Any Situation

Electrical Enclosures For Any Situation

We all need enclosures for our power equipment. Sometimes, you want it a specific way…sometimes the environment or setting dictate what you need. In any case, a custom enclosure is a great answer to many out of the ordinary situations you might encounter.

Whether your equipment is in a hazardous location, needs easy access, increased safety, or just specific aesthetic tweaks, customizing your enclosure can be more important than people realize. Finding someone who can handle

Safety and Reliability: Part 1 of A New Standard

The Standard for Switches and Transformers Has Evolved: “Standard” Switches and Transformers Are Not the Standard Anymore

Once upon a time the Westinghouse Load Interrupter (WLI) was the standard medium voltage switch in the industry. It is used indoors and outdoors and typically found on the primary side of a unit substation transformer. There are many versions of this switch made by a variety of manufacturers. here are some basics:

The load interrupter takes up about

Power Purification Could Save You Time and Money

Power purification (voltage regulation) is useful, if not necessary, in many industries. Electrical noise or power anomalies (aka ‘unclean’ power) might be the reason you have equipment going offline, which cuts into productivity!

Does this apply to you? If your facility has powerful, motor driven processes you might want to protect your controls from the interference caused by your high-power equipment. When dealing with sensitive electronic equipment or delicate processes, you can ensure consistency and precision

How Much Is Your VFD Costing You?

When’s the last time you looked at your Variable Frequency Drive? While it is nice to “set it and forget it”, it is worth looking at again. Specifically, looking at your resistors. How much energy are they dissipating? Is the resulting heat hazardous? You could put all the energy back into your system, which means:
You could be saving money
A great cost-effective way of checking in on your resistors is the Bonitron M3660 Regen Energy Monitor.

Voltage Testing is Hazardous! But it doesn't have to be.

Voltage Testing is Hazardous! But it doesn’t have to be.

Six steps are required to create an electrically safe work condition:

Identify all sources of electric power.
Properly open/disconnect all sources of power.
Where possible verify visually that the disconnecting means are open.
Apply lockout and tagout.
Test for the absence of voltage.
Apply grounds as applicable.

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In my experience, the single most important step is also the single biggest headache. It’s the

Medium Voltage Cable Terminations

Medium Voltage Cable Terminations

Terminating medium voltage cables in electrical distribution networks is critical in order to provide safety for operations personnel, and to provide the expected reliability of the electrical distribution network. Terminations for medium voltage applications come in two general types.
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Use them on an upcoming project, or ask us how to arrange and utilize them for a hands-on installation training class.

Live-front terminations:


Integrated Energy Management With EMR Associates

Integrated Energy Management With EMR Associates

Integrated energy management involves the planning and operation of energy production and energy consumption. The objectives of this discipline are resource conservation, climate protection, and cost savings, while it also ensures that there is permanent access to the energy needed at the facility. When energy efficiency is realized, assets will be utilized much more effectively. Integrated energy management provides a clear and accurate view of the facility, allowing the owner to make informed and timely decisions

Arc Flash Risk Assessment Updates

Arc Flash Risk Assessment Updates

Eaton is dedicated to improving both the environment and people’s lives, using power management technologies that are sustainable, safe, efficient, and reliable. In the grand scheme of things, that’s what matters most of all, and Eaton is here to make sure those technologies work, and work well.


Improvements and updates to Arc Flash Risk Assessment and Mitigation have been made, and you will find a few of these listed here:


Using dedicated wire way and

Protective Relay Upgrades

Protective Relay Upgrades

If it’s time to upgrade your aging fleet of protection, control, automation, and communications devices, then it’s time to consider GE Multilin. EMR’s dedicated service team of highly skilled and trained engineers and technicians are available to assist with facility-wide audits, cross-referencing field installed devices and recommending upgrade strategies. Our advanced online training centers and programs always ensure that our customers will achieve the maximum benefits when upgrading.
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Turn Good to Great When It Comes to Safety Management

Turn Good to Great When It Comes to Safety Management

Grace Engineered Products, INC will be offering a free webinar on March 7th 10-11 CST & 2-3 CST discussing Accountability Systems: Getting from Good to Great in Safety with presenter, John Kolak.

Good Safety Management is just good Management…applied to Safety. Effective managers recognize that everyone in the organization impacts safety in some manner and the key to effective safety management is getting everyone to optimize their part of the safety process. This is known as “Corporate Alignment” and any organization that