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How Much Is Your VFD Costing You?

When’s the last time you looked at your Variable Frequency Drive? While it is nice to “set it and forget it”, it is worth looking at again. Specifically, looking at your resistors. How much energy are they dissipating? Is the resulting heat hazardous? You could put all the energy back into your system, which means:

You could be saving money

A great cost-effective way of checking in on your resistors is the Bonitron M3660 Regen Energy Monitor. With the monitoring kit you can calculate how much energy is being dissipated. This way, you can know if your resistor is inefficient or close to failure. You can also use the results of the monitoring to understand your potential savings if a line regeneration unit is installed. If you mechanically compensate your centrifugal system (i.e. oil pump), you could also use the M3660. Bottom line is, this monitoring kit simplifies the efficiency check on your drive and what it is controlling!

If you want to:

Save money

Increase braking efficiency

Decrease electrical system-based hazards

Decrease utility demand

Get rid of your cooling fans

Then, Bonitron’s Line Regen products are worth taking a look at.
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