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Power Purification Could Save You Time and Money

Power purification (voltage regulation) is useful, if not necessary, in many industries. Electrical noise or power anomalies (aka ‘unclean’ power) might be the reason you have equipment going offline, which cuts into productivity!

Does this apply to you? If your facility has powerful, motor driven processes you might want to protect your controls from the interference caused by your high-power equipment. When dealing with sensitive electronic equipment or delicate processes, you can ensure consistency and precision in your electronic equipment with power purification. Be it a water plant pump or a hospital scanner, power purification prevents downtime and helps ensure consistent, quality use.

How does it work? The short version is that the voltage regulation is a result of the magnetic saturation of the internal transformer secondary windings. The ferro-resonant transformers use the power they receive to create a saturating loop of energy that absorbs irregularities from your source of power while generating a much cleaner form of output power.  What does ‘cleaner’ mean? Take a look at the video below:

In the video you are seeing the sine wave of a source of power (top wave) and the output of the transformer (bottom wave). As the source power gets muddled with electrical noise or experiences a spike, the output stays the same due to the purification process. As the source power is saturated, a cleaner energy output is produced; all by the same device!

Controlled Power Company offers all of this functionality in their standard 700 Power Processor series; which regulates voltage controls, suppresses surges and protects against sags. Controlled Power Company takes it to the next level with their 800 series. Offering both commercial and industrial options, the 800 series are self-regulating, constant voltage transformers. They provide isolation and protect against fluctuating voltage, brownouts, line noise and short duration power outages. With Controlled Power Company, if the lights flicker, your equipment and process won’t falter. Contact us to decide which options is best for you!

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