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Keeping Your Emergency Power System Compliant

There have been changes to the National Electric Code. As of August 1, 2019 there are 29 states that have completed the 2017 NEC update process. Odds are, the state that you work in is up to date on new NEC requirements or will be by 2020.

One of these changes regards critical power systems. According to NEC 700.3(F) it is now required to have an additional temporary power source for emergency systems. Essentially, there needs to be backup power for your backup power. There are five conditions for compliance:

  1. Connection to the portable or temporary alternate source of power shall not require modification of the permanent system wiring
  2. Transfer of power between the normal power source and the emergency power source shall be in accordance with 700.12*
  3. The connection point for the portable or temporary alternate source shall be marked with the phase rotation and system bonding requirements
  4. Mechanical or electrical interlocking shall prevent inadvertent interconnection of power sources
  5. The switching means shall include a contact point that shall annunciate at a location remote from the generator or at another facility monitoring system to indicate that the permanent emergency source is disconnected from the emergency system.

*700.12 states that your emergency system startup must be 10 seconds or less.


Trystar can help with these mandatory changes. The Generator Docking Station quickly and safely connects a portable energy source to any business or public building at an affordable rate.

This product meets all compliance criteria:

  1. Connects to a portable or temporary alternate source of power without modifying the permanent system wiring
  2. Transfers power in 10 seconds or less with two-wire auto start option
  3. Phase rotation monitors come standard
  4. Multiple interlocking options to suit your needs
  5. Remote Annunciation Panel available to indicate disconnect from the permanent system


We at EMR Associate strive to be ahead of the curve on technology, regulations and market trends so that we can best serve you. We have a knowledgeable sales team ready to provide you with the best solution, contact us today!

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