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EMR Associates was founded in 1979 by Alex Campen. Mike Hughes joined Alex as a co-owner of the agency in 1990. EMR has strived over the years to bring a new direction to the Manufacturers’ Representative market. Unlike our competitors, we are not product salespeople; we are expert power and automation engineers who use our products to develop economical solutions for our clients. EMR draws on years of experience integrating and selling solutions based systems. These systems involve all aspects of the automation, power and IT markets and provides vital support to our manufacturing, facilities and corporate partners.



“EMR’s mission is to use our Technical Expertise and Market Knowledge to better the businesses and lives of our employees and customers, through state of the art technology and Christian beliefs”


EMR is a ‘solutions’ provider serving power distribution, automation and IT customers and engineers in the United States. EMR will attract team members that have an owner’s mentality with strong interpersonal and technical skills who desire results based compensation for what they do. EMR will be a long term marketing and sales partner with the manufacturers we represent.


GRATITUDE: Thankful for the blessings we receive.

INTEGRITY: Doing the right thing when no one else is looking. Honest, respectful, trustworthy

FOCUS: Prioritize and implement the most important first.

TECHNOLOGY: Market solutions, be aware of innovations, and deploy technology.

SERVICE: Look for a way to say yes. Make information easily accessible and provide timely responses.

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