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Electrical Enclosures For Any Situation

We all need enclosures for our power equipment. Sometimes, you want it a specific way…sometimes the environment or setting dictate what you need. In any case, a custom enclosure is a great answer to many out of the ordinary situations you might encounter.

Whether your equipment is in a hazardous location, needs easy access, increased safety, or just specific aesthetic tweaks, customizing your enclosure can be more important than people realize. Finding someone who can handle high customization with professional results is important.

Elgin Power Solutions has dedicated engineering, design and welding teams to solve your problem, design the solution and deliver it with quality. With over 200 years of combined years of experience, Elgin has seen it all! Some examples of custom enclosures:

•metering enclosures

• fuse/switch cabinets

• sectionalizing cabinets

• metal enclosed voltage regs

• recloser cabinets

• reactor cabinets

• custom switchgear lineups

• mobile iso shipping containers

• modular bolt together enclosures

• mobile enclosed regulators

A state park had three oil filled transformers on a concrete pad. Elgin built a custom enclosure that allowed for ease of use while providing excellent protection against unauthorized people and vandalism. It was even painted a shade of green that best hid the equipment in the surrounding area!

Several enclosures at a bridge had rusted over the years. Elgin fabricated a stainless steel , salt resistant enclosure to provide junction points for  4.16 kv cable. The enclosure was designed to fit within the walkway with minimal protrusion, had front access only and met all specs originally requested.

No matter what industry you are in: oil, steel, mining, entertainment industries or a natural park – Elgin has a solution for you!

Contact us or leave a comment and we will find the right solution for you.

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