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Unique Substation Packaging & Protection Using VFI Transformers from Eaton

Let’s start with an easy question, shall we? Have you made the “switch” from traditional switch and fuses to the VFI Transformer solution? Substation protection options improve tremendously when we look at the advances in VFI transformers. Let’s look at ways your facility could benefit from upgrading!

Looking at substation protection options brings us to a few reliable solutions. As we know, primary fuses react slowly to secondary arcing and ground faults. The trip times are longer because arc faults have to reflect through the transformer.

When we replace transformer fuse protection with an integral vacuum fault interrupter, several issues are remedied. We gain the ability to remote trip a primary VFI from a secondary relay, with self-powered, adjustable primary protection. With the fused substation, we see arcing current reflected through the transformer that can take upwards of six seconds (or more) to clear. This will present, at the secondary transformer, PPE category 4 or higher exposure.

With a VFI substation, we can shave that clearance time down to 100 msec or less! That adjustable protection is key in arc flash reduction, reducing to PPE Category 2. Convinced this is an upgrade your facility can use? Let’s talk options for protection:

When considering vacuum switching, there are other packaging options that will significantly reduce arc flash energy. Those upstream packaging options include:

  • Traditional Metal-Clad Vacuum Switchgear
  • Metal Enclosed Vacuum Breakers
  • Padmount Switchgear with VFI’s
  • Pole Mounted Vacuum Reclosers

Secondary relay protection options include:

  • Simple 50/51
  • Transformer Differential Relay
  • Multifunction Protective Relay

Research shows that VFI Transformers even with simple 50/51 relays are tops in cost effectiveness. You save money over the traditional switch and fuse setups and gain better protection in the process. Eliminate the primary switch and reduce your footprint and save money.

For even more versatility, and the ease of simpler visual inspection, consider a VFI with visible break. Contact EMR Associates for more information at info@emrassociates.com or 615-828-8028 (Mike Hughes). We can work on a customized solution for your company’s needs.

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