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Protective Relay Upgrades

If it’s time to upgrade your aging fleet of protection, control, automation, and communications devices, then it’s time to consider GE Multilin. EMR’s dedicated service team of highly skilled and trained engineers and technicians are available to assist with facility-wide audits, cross-referencing field installed devices and recommending upgrade strategies. Our advanced online training centers and programs always ensure that our customers will achieve the maximum benefits when upgrading.

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Why Upgrade?

As of January 2020, GE Multilin will discontinue manufacturing the SR family of relays, making room for the “next generation” of protection and control. The 8 Series Platform brings new benefits of advancements in hardware and technology. By replacing legacy and competing products with the latest offerings from GE Multilin, you can experience a superior level of protection and control.

The GE Multilin 8 Series raises the bar by:

  • Providing the very latest in protection, control, and communications capabilities, all within a draw-out design, engineered with a field swappable power supply and built to fit in the same cut-out as the popular and widely used SR line. This series is the right choice for Generator, Transformer, Feeder and Motor protection.
  • Maximizing system and process uptime by introducing cost-effective Monitoring and Diagnostics features that leverage existing relay data without the need for additional devices, sensors, wiring or training such as the patented 869 Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) / Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) that identify mechanical abnormalities in the motor like bearing failures, static & dynamic eccentricity, foundation looseness, and misalignments.
  • Coming equipped with an Environmental Awareness Module that provides detection of environmental factors that could affect product life.
  • Complete with the latest of cybersecurity measures. complies with NERC/CIP and NISTIR 7628 cybersecurity requirements.
  • Offering peace of mind knowing that it is backed by GE Multilin’s comprehensive 10-year warranty.


Register to Win A FREE Enervista Viewpoint Monitoring software license!


Couple the 8 Series with GE Multilin’s Enervista Viewpoint Monitoring software, and end users get an overall, integrated view of their electrical system that will help optimize process uptime and reduce operating costs.

If you are interested in upgrading to the 8 series, your team at EMR is ready to assist. To learn more please contact Mike Hughes at 615-828-8028 today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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