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Technology Products

Vycon VDC-XEBContact us about this product


Manufactured by: Vycon

For mission critical applications, VYCON VDC XEB systems incorporate its patented flywheel technology with long-life batteries to extend the run time and enable sequential start of multiple engine-gensets. For sites that have a high number of yearly battery discharges the hybrid helps extend the useful life of the battery and increase systems availability.

VDC-XEB Frequently Asked Questions

Vycon VDCContact us about this product

Vycon VDC

Manufactured by: Vycon

VYCON’s VDC flywheel systems store and deliver a reliable source of DC power utilizing the kinetic energy of a high speed flywheel. Compatible with most major brands of three-phase UPSs, the systems interface with the DC bus of the UPS, just like a bank of batteries, receiving charging current from the UPS and providing DC current to the UPS inverter during discharge.

VDC Frequently Asked Questions

Precision Air Control ProductsContact us about this product

Precision Air Control Products

Manufactured by:

Offers a Floor Mounted Units ranging from 2-50 tons, Ceiling Mounted units up to 13 tons, High Density Cooling for computer room conditioning (CRAC – computer room air conditioning), and Heat Exchangers for maximium heat transfer.  Applications include communications closets, data rooms, battery rooms, large computer centers, and telecom rooms.