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Wieland Electric

Wieland Electric

Industrial technology Solutions for the control cabinet

DIN rail terminal blocks:
Screw, tension spring or push-in connection technology
Wire cross sections up to 300 mm2 – Numerous special functions
Software solutions interfacing to CAE systems
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Safe signal acquisition
Safety switching devices
Modular safety modules
Compact safety controllers
Application consulting and training
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Network engineering and fieldbus systems:
Remote maintenance via VPN industrial router and VPN service portal – Industrial Ethernet switches
PLC and I/O systems, standard and increased environmental conditions
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Power supply units
Overvoltage protection
Coupling relays, semiconductor switches
Timer relays, measuring and monitoring relays
Analog coupling and converter modules
Passive interfaces Solutions for field applications
Fieldbus interfaces
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Connectors for industrial applications:
Rectangular and round connectors
Aluminum or plastic housings
Degree of protection up to IP69K
Current-carrying capacity up to 100A
Connectors for hazardous areas
Modular, application-specific technology
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