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The Payoff of Preventive Maintenance

The Payoff of Preventive Maintenance

In today’s era of technological advancements, managing and securing sensitive data in an organization is more than important, it’s critical to success. According to statistics from The National Survey on Data Center Outages, the consequences of power outages and interruption are estimated at around $136,761.00 per unplanned outage. Therefore, IT professionals, consultants, and managers need to ensure they avoid power supply outages by investing in the right Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) systems to ensure the safety of sensitive data. The length of time during which a company experiences downtime as a result of a power outage is the result of a lack of resources and poor planning. EMR can help your company avoid this.

Your UPS systems is a very critical component. It will enable you to shut down your notebook or laptop securely or as a stopgap before the backup generators can power up. Research has shown that UPS systems that don’t undergo preventative maintenance at least two times a year are vulnerable and predisposes an organization’s data to serious dangers, including permanent loss. Furthermore, the UPS systems that are regularly maintained can last longer and offer guaranteed safety for digital data without exposing your equipment to potential malfunctions.

Interestingly, most of the UPS failures or malfunctions stem from a cause that is preventable. The common causes of these failures can be characterized by six symptoms; poor grounding systems, DC source(battery) failures, improper distribution coordination, distribution system faults, bad maintenance practices, or human errors. Consistent evaluations and maintenance will ensure that your UPS system has been inspected, cleaned, calibrated and tested to make certain that it is at optimal performance. Our experts at EMR associates will guide you on how to conduct the necessary maintenance measures depending on the age of the UPS system and assist you, should you need replacements for your equipment whenever necessary.

Preventive Maintenance is all about using various analysis and evaluation instruments to detect the potential equipment failures. Predicting when an equipment may occur can help to prevent them before they ever happen. When purchasing a UPS it is also important to consider the lifetime of your purchase. With EMR you can trust that we will evaluate your UPS needs and provide the correct solution and vital support with our extensive years of experience. To learn more please email Mike Hughes or call 615-828-8028 today!

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