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Motor Plugs Simplify Motor Change-outs and Reduce Costs

Meltric recently announced an update to their switch-rated motor plugs and the results could benefit your automation needs.

Meltric touts their Switch-rated Motor Plugs and receptacles as the safest and most cost-effective solution for connecting motors and other electrical equipment. The reasoning is because when you buy a Motor Plug and receptacle you are effectively getting a disconnect switch for free. They are UL approved for branch circuit disconnect switching and motor circuit disconnect switching. They are also rated to make and break under full load up to 75 horsepower and 200 amps.

Meltric strives to ensure their products are not only safe but also reliable. The switch-rated plugs use the silver nickel butt-contact technology because it outpaces brass in conductivity. The rate of conductivity of Silver nickel is twenty times faster than that of brass. The conductivity feature also makes the product more durable. Meltric coil spring-loaded butt-contacts maintain constant pressure for long-term performance benefits. This spring coil allows the product to withstand pressure for long without malfunctioning.

These Motor Plugs change out with plug and play simplicity, a development that is sure to make many technicians happy. Estimates conclude that this alone reduces downtime by as much as 50%. A dead front on the safety shutter eliminates the possibility of access to live parts and simplifies NFPA 70E compliance. In even better news, making and breaking electrical connections with UL Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles meets NFPA 70E’s ‘Normal Operation’ definition. This means you do not need to don that PPE suit when it is time to change a motor.   

EMR is in the business of offering automated solutions to help your business run smoothly. If you have any questions about the latest developments at Metric, contact us today!

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