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Elgin Power Solutions and Neutral Ground Reactors

The Need for Elgin Power Solutions

The modern grid is becoming more robust. Industrial companies and their facility engineers are working to maintain better voltage stability at their sites. One area of concern surrounds issues that are caused by higher ground fault currents. Many of these issues are dangerous.

Switchgear can be at risk. When it’s design is underrated, it may not be able to survive higher fault currents. The switchgear can fail, and it will need to be replaced on a more frequent basis. Transformers can be damaged when experiencing higher ground fault currents as well. Besides the electrical equipment, personal protection can be compromised during higher fault currents.

The Application and Installation

Elgin’s products (Gilbert Electrical) give our customers peace of mind along with an immediate solution to a dangerous problem. Installing a current limiting neutral ground reactor is one of the best ways to handle these problems. This solution will maintain system integrity. When these units are installed, they can immediately reduce ground fault currents to a more manageable level. The design does not have any moving parts. It does not require maintenance, and it can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Designs and Standards

Elgin (Gilbert Electrical) is known for producing quality products. Their neutral ground reactors meet the ANSI C57.16 standards. The finished coils are given a varnish treatment and baked for maximum weather protection. Non-enclosed outdoor applications are given epoxy coatings.

Indoor or outdoor enclosures are designed for a Nema 3R, 4X or 12 application. The standard enclosures are fabricated from steel. Fiberglass, steel or aluminum type 304 enclosures are also available. All enclosures have a state of the art coating for maximum protection from all weather conditions. Indoor reactor coils may use a closed or open coil design.

The company has several other power options. They have a large inventory of insulators, protective relaying, roof mounted bushings and current transformers. At EMR Associates, we work with our customers to determine the required impedance and BIL voltage levels.

For more information on our services, please contact EMR Associates at 615-828-8028. Our knowledgeable representatives can answer your questions.

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