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Solve Distribution Problems with the Three-Phase VFI Transformer

Eaton manufactures a wide range of high-quality medium voltage electrical equipment, components, and systems that help bring electric power to homes, industries, businesses and institutions throughout the world.

What Does Your Specific Application Need?

Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems Three-Phase VFI Transformer is a flexible solution to many distribution problems. The Three-Phase VFI Transformer with transformer protection not only protects the transformer, it provides proper coordination with upstream protective devices. When a transformer fault or overload condition occurs, the VFI breaker trips and isolates the transformer, leaving the distribution line uninterrupted.

 The VFI Transformer with loop protection protects the transformer from a downstream cable fault. When a fault occurs downstream, the VFI breaker trips and isolates the fault; the transformer load remains uninterrupted.

Simply put: a Three-Phase VFI Pad-Mounted Transformer makes technological—and practical—sense.

VFI Three-Phase Pad-Mounted Transformer

You know the components that make up a conventional large pad-mounted transformer installation: a transformer and a separate piece of switchgear. You might also figure that both pieces cost about as much as a single VFI Pad-Mounted Transformer. But here’s something else you may want to keep in mind: the purchase price of any equipment is just the beginning of its true life-cycle cost.

Just think about it: the total costs incurred by buying a transformer and switchgear separately—including warehousing, transporting, installing, maintaining and retiring— far outweigh any “deal” you think you might be getting at the time of their purchase.

The Three-Phase VFI Pad-Mounted Transformer from Eaton does everything a conventional transformer/ switchgear package does—and, as you’ll soon find out, does it better—in one money-saving, space-saving cabinet.

Combining Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems Vacuum Fault Interrupter (VFI) and a pad-mounted transformer is the perfect alternative to traditional transformer/switchgear packages. And it’s the superior choice for applications where conventional equipment doesn’t provide adequate protection or coordination, where aesthetics are particularly important, or where space is at a premium.

Because there’s only one piece of equipment, as little as half the space of a conventional set-up is required—and it makes installation simpler, less expensive, and more pleasing to the eye. And one piece of equipment means that costs associated with operation and maintenance are reduced. But the benefits go beyond just saving money and space. System reliability is also improved with outstanding protection against faults or abnormal currents. And because trip settings are simple to modify in the field, changes in load and fault conditions are accommodated easily.

Whether indoor or outdoor, the compact Eaton Cooper Power Systems Three-Phase VFI Pad-Mounted Transformer provides superior protection, coordination, and flexibility. Unconventional? Maybe. But that’s what innovation is all about. The compact, lower-cost, versatile solution to power distribution – Save Money. Save Space.

August Power featured image

Whether your application is residential, commercial or industrial, an Eaton Cooper Power Systems Three Phase VFI Pad-Mounted Transformer fits right in, wherever conventional loop-protection packages are inadequate, or real estate is at a premium.

 It’s the ideal choice for applications requiring:

  • Large kVA pads: where the full load current is greater than 120 A, too high for Bay-O-Net™ fuses
  • Loop protectionbreaking a URD loop into smaller lengths to improve reliability, Limited spaces: where a separate transformer and switchgear arent feasible
  • Gang tripwhere all three phases should be tripped simultaneously to protect three-phase power equipment
  • Single-phase trips for single-phase loadslimiting outage scope in large residential areas
  • 35 kV three-wire sub-transmission – where voltages are too high for Bay-O-Net fusing, Remote control of the transformer
  • Auxiliary trip – where the transformer can be automatically tripped in response to operating problems, including secondary ground faults, high fluid temperature or low fluid level, or any other user-defined parameter.

 Product Scope: kVA range: through 10,000; Primary voltage: through 35kV (150 kV BIL); Secondary voltage: 208Y/120 – 24,940Y/14,400; VFI rating: 600 A continuous; 12,000 A RMS interrupting; TCC curves for the Tri-Phase control can approximate either an S & C “E” fuse, an Edison™ “K” or “T” link fuse, or resemble a recloser or relay curve; Envirotemp FR3 seed oil-based fire-resistant dielectric fluid (optional);Motor operator for SCADA control (optional); Tri-Phase Ground (TPG) Trip Control (optional); SCADA accessory (optional).

 With our strong customer focus, superior products, controls and systems applications expertise, nobody does a better job than Eaton of supporting your ability to profitably supply your customer with clean, reliable power.

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