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SUMMIT Series® Three Phase UPS

SUMMIT Series® Three Phase UPS

99% = The most efficient UPS: 

The next-generation power semiconductor is here! In the SUMMIT Series® UPS, the Si (silicon) IGBT is replaced with advanced capability SiC (Silicon Carbide) semiconductors. The IEEE states that silicon carbide is to the 21st century what silicon was to the 20th century. Mitsubishi Electric began development of SiC semiconductors during the early 1990’s and now offers this proven technology in the SUMMIT UPS. Higher efficiencies are achieved across all load levels with SiC’s lower switching losses, higher switching frequencies, and improved thermal conductivity range.

Design: 3 Level Double Conversion On-Line Topology
Power Rating: 500kVA/500kW, & 750kVA/750kW
Voltage Options: Input: 480V; Output: 480V
Design Features: Fully digital control, Advanced Silicon Carbide (SiC) Technology

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