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Manufactured by: Vycon

For mission critical applications, VYCON VDC XEB systems incorporate its patented flywheel technology with long-life batteries to extend the run time and enable sequential start of multiple engine-gensets. For sites that have a high number of yearly battery discharges the hybrid helps extend the useful life of the battery and increase systems availability.

VDC-XEB Frequently Asked Questions

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Vycon VDC

Manufactured by: Vycon

VYCON’s VDC flywheel systems store and deliver a reliable source of DC power utilizing the kinetic energy of a high speed flywheel. Compatible with most major brands of three-phase UPSs, the systems interface with the DC bus of the UPS, just like a bank of batteries, receiving charging current from the UPS and providing DC current to the UPS inverter during discharge.

VDC Frequently Asked Questions