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Power Survey International

Power Survey International

Power Survey offers a complete range of equipment for Power Factor Correction Capacitors and Harmonic Filtering.  Since 1948, Power Survey has gained an enviable reputation through the quality of its products, services and the experience of its employees.

With the increase in demand and the ever increasing cost of energy, it becomes evident that an energy management program is needed to control these costs.  The Power Survey team of professional consultants can help you reduce these costs significantly while its team of qualified engineers can identify specific power factors and harmonic issues on which to base their recommendations to achieve cost reductions.

Power Survey International Inc.

  • Established in 1948
  • Certifications: UL Listed and CSA certified
  • Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filtering
  • Power Factor Correction Capacitors
  • Thyristor Switched Capacitor Bank
  • Harmonic Filters in Automatic or Fixed configuration
  • POWERCAP Fixed LV Power Factor Correction Capacitors

    I. Standard Capacitor Features:
    Liquid type cells (non-PCB biodegradable fluid)
    Self healing, low loss metallized polypropylene dielectric film
    3 phase construction with 3 phase pressure interrupter system
    UL listed pressure activated circuit interrupter rated for 10,000 AFC
    Discharge resistors to reduce residual voltage to less than 50V in one minute
    Operating temperature of -40°F (-40°C) to 115°F (46°C)
    20 year continuous duty design life
    UL and CSA listed

    II. Powercap Ratings:
    240V, up to 200 KVAR, 3 ph.
    480V, up to 400 KVAR, 3 ph.
    600V, up to 400 KVAR, 3 ph.

    III. Construction:
    Code gage steel, baked powder paint.
    Provision for floor and/or wall mounting.
    Standard enclosure is Nema 1 and 12.
    Easy access to line and ground lugs through an ‘L’ shaped cover.

    IV. Other Options or Special Features Available:
    PSD dry type cells (dielectric wax)
    Current limiting fuses with 100,000 to 200,000 AIC
    Blown fuse pilot lights in either “on all the time” or “off all the time” configurations
    Contactor mains
    Iron core chokes, reactor for harmonic filtering
    Single phase
    Nema 3 and 4X enclosure
    Special ratings for frequency, voltage or KVAR
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