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WEG Electric Corporation

WEG Electric Corporation offers Variable Frequency Drives, Soft Starters, Controls, Custom Panels
and more! With a full range of IEC/NEMA Global Certifications and a full line of products.

WEG can supply the right solution for your automation and controls needs:

  • Variable Frequency Drives
    Low Voltage 1/4 to 2500HP, 230V – 480V
    OEM Solution Drives .25 to 5HP Single Phase
    Medium Voltage 500-10,000HP
  • Soft Starters
    Low Voltage 23-1500HP, 230-575V, 50/60Hz
    MV Soft-starter 3.3kV, 4.16kV: up to 3500HP
  • Controls
    Mini – Contactors
    IEC Contactors
    Thermal Overload Relays
    Manual Motor Protectors
    Molded Case Circuit Breakers
    Smart Relays
    Enclosed Starters: combination & noncombination
    Pushbuttons & Pilot Lights
    Timing & Motor Protection Relays
    Terminal Blocks
  • Custom Panels
    Custom configured to your specification.
    NEMA 1, 12, 3R, 4 and 4X cabinets
    Quick delivery of preconfigured drives
    and soft starters
    UL 508 certified
    Low Voltage (230-460)
    Made in the U.S.A.
  • E-T-A Contact us about this manufacturer


    Setting the Pace for Circuit Protection

    Today E-T-A is market leader in the design and production of circuit breakers for equipment protection. In partnership with our customers it is our objective to provide solutions for even the most demanding challenges for electrical overcurrent protection.
    The safety of our customers’ products and the people who rely on them is the focus of our endeavors. As the worldwide market leader in our field, we offer the most comprehensive range of products available for equipment protection to achieve the best possible solution for almost any need. E-T-A does not only wish to supply products alone but to ensure that we can offer applications advice based upon sound knowledge and experience backed by our commitment to outstanding customer service.

    Circuit Protection Devices

    E-T-A offers comprehensive solutions for protection of electronic equipment. Please select the desired product category to learn more about E-T-A’s offering of thermal, thermal-magentic, magnetic, high performance and electronic circuit breakers.
    More information – Circuit Protection Devices

    Power Management Systems

    Power management solutions begin with an understanding of your requirements. From concept to production, E-T-A is equipped with numerous standard systems along with the expertise and tools necessary to develop and produce a solution to meet the exact specifications of your application regardless of the complexity.
    More information – Power Management Systems

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    Power Control & Safety
    Socomec’s expertise in this domain is unquestionable; the company is an undisputed leader in power switching and changeover functions, and has been a specialist manufacturer of electrical equipment since 1922. The company has long defended the benefits of fuse protection for individuals and property, and has become a major player in cutting-edge technology such as the monitoring and detection of insulation defects. As experts in the solar energy equipment field, Socomec has designed switch disconnectors to cut the DC current generated by solar panels regardless of the facility configuration and operating conditions.

    Download Socomec 2015 General Catalog

    Wieland Electric Contact us about this manufacturer

    Wieland Electric

    Industrial technology Solutions for the control cabinet

    DIN rail terminal blocks:
    Screw, tension spring or push-in connection technology
    Wire cross sections up to 300 mm2 – Numerous special functions
    Software solutions interfacing to CAE systems
    More Information

    Safe signal acquisition
    Safety switching devices
    Modular safety modules
    Compact safety controllers
    Application consulting and training
    More Information

    Network engineering and fieldbus systems:
    Remote maintenance via VPN industrial router and VPN service portal – Industrial Ethernet switches
    PLC and I/O systems, standard and increased environmental conditions
    More Information

    Power supply units
    Overvoltage protection
    Coupling relays, semiconductor switches
    Timer relays, measuring and monitoring relays
    Analog coupling and converter modules
    Passive interfaces Solutions for field applications
    Fieldbus interfaces
    More Information

    Connectors for industrial applications:
    Rectangular and round connectors
    Aluminum or plastic housings
    Degree of protection up to IP69K
    Current-carrying capacity up to 100A
    Connectors for hazardous areas
    Modular, application-specific technology
    More Information

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    OleumTech™ is a leading provider of wireless automation solutions for industrial applications involving process monitoring (data acquisition) and control systems. OleumTech products unite traditional control infrastructures with cutting-edge wireless technology.
    For over a decade, we have been committed to the needs of mission-critical wireless automation applications in the Oil & Gas, Refining, Petro-Chemical, Utilities, Water/Wastewater industries, and many others.
    Comprised of robust wireless sensors/transmitters and wireless gateways, the OleumTech Wireless Sensor Network is an end-to-end wireless remote monitoring infrastructure that enables organizations to improve operational efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

    Overview Brochure

    Grace Engineered Products, Inc Contact us about this manufacturer

    Grace Engineered Products, Inc

    Grace Engineered Products has two primary products that offer customers unique electrical safety solutions that promote NFPA 70e and NFPA 79 compliance:

    GracePorts:  A foundational tool many facilities use across the globe to keep people away from live voltage. GracePorts are fully customized communication ports that allow workers to access control panels without having to open the panel doors. Grace provides the ability to completely customize ports to meet your precise needs. Graceports are available with multiple combinations, cable lengths, and can be name-branded with your logo and specific text.

    SafeSide:  The SafeSide brand includes Permanent Electrical Safety Devices that provide external voltage indicators, voltage portals, and combo units, as well as IR Viewing Windows. All of these are tools that allow for maintenance and/or inspection safely from outside the electrical cabinet.

    InduSoft Contact us about this manufacturer


    InduSoft provides leading-edge SCADA software technology that uses the Internet to access data that is stored on industrial devices and test and measurement equipment. In addition, InduSoft tools and technologies convert personal computers, web browsers, and such remote productivity devices such as cell phones, pagers, and personal digital assistants (PDAs) into industrial automation and test and measurement systems.

    Additional Downloads:

    Web Studio Overview

    Web Studio Getting Started Guide

    MTE Corporation Contact us about this manufacturer

    MTE Corporation

    MTE is an international supplier of power quality products designed to improve the reliability of power electronic systems and adjustable frequency drives. MTE manufactures line/load reactors, Matrix® Passive Harmonic Filters, Matrix PureSine® Active Harmonic Filter, EMI/RFI filters, DC link chokes, dv/dt and sine wave motor protection filters, plus numerous custom magnetic products that provide power quality solutions in a broad range of applications.